Commercial Marine
Maxim offers a series of heat recovery evaporators and seawater reverse osmosis systems. Maxim's heat recovery evaporators offer water production capacities ranging from 192 GPD up to 15,000 GPD with custom engineered units available up to 500,000 GPD. Maxim's seawater reverse osmosis line, The Sterling Series, offers water production capacities ranging from 1,000 GPD to 10,000 GPD with custom sizes available.
Commercial Marine Vessel

Maxim's heat recovery evaporators continue to represent the most practical means of converting sea or brackish water to fresh water. Waste heat from engine jacket water, engine exhaust, steam or other heat sources are utilized, providing the bulk of the process' energy requirement and reducing operating costs. The footprint for a heat recovery evaporator is small and storage space for consumables is not required as evaporators do not use membranes or filters. Heat recovery evaporators also require less maintenance than other desalination technologies.
Maxim's seawater reverse osmosis line, The Sterling Series, is a great alternative if no waste heat is available. A 1 sediment filter is standard however additional pretreatment options are available as the source feed water requires. Standard features include a 2205 duplex stainless-steel ultra-quiet Danfoss pump, high rejection 4" seawater membranes and an energy efficient design. Maxim can provide vertical, horizontal or modular configurations to meet space requirements. 

The Sterling Series offers clients competitive pricing, high quality components, quick delivery times, flexibility in design for unique applications and replacement parts that are readily available.  Maxim can also provide ancillary equipment for pre & post treatment as well as assistance with installation, commissioning and service after the sale.  

Maxim has placed desalination equipment on LNG tankers, UST tankers, SOHIO tankers, fishing vessels, and arctic research vessels. We have worked with numerous commercial marine clients including: Hornbeck Offshore; Cascade General; Marinette Marine Corp., Atlantic Pacific Marine dba Moller Supply; and Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Co.



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