UV Sterilizers
Aquafine UV Sterilizers

UV treatment is a widely used and proven approach for disinfecting water. The UV treatment unit should be located as close as possible to the point-of-use. UV sterilizers are typically sized based on the flow rate of the recirculating pump used to recirculate the water in the potable water tank.

The CSL Series

Features of the CSL Series include:

  • 316L stainless steel treatment chamber
  • 304 stainless steel control panel
  • Lamp Status Indicator
  • Single-ended (SE) Lamps
  • CE rated for 240V
  • NEMA 1

                                                Maxim also offers the CSL Marine Series.

For technical questions, please contact Cerilo Ulan at culan@maximwater.com. For pricing, please contact Monica Rogers at mrogers@maximwater.com.  
Model: CSL4R6R8R12R8R 6010R 6012R 60
Maximum Flow Rate
Disinfection (@94% UVT) GPM (M3/HR)40 (9)60 (14)80 (18)130 (30)166 (38)215 (49)260 (59)
Disinfection (@ 99% UVT) GPM (M3/HR)50 (11)78 (18)100 (23)156 (36)200 (46)260 (59315 (72)
Number of UV Lamps (Single Ended)4681281012
Electrical Requirements
Electricity Supply120 or 240V/50-60 Hz, Single Phase, 2 w + GND
Operating Power Watts
Dimensions (Reference Only)
L x W x H (Inches)40 x 10 x 2344 x 11 x 2868 x 11 x 28



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