Industrial/Engineered Solutions
Maxim Watermakers can design custom engineered units to satisfy fresh water needs for many applications.

Maxim evaporators are a perfect match for use within industrial settings. Our thermo circulation design reduces scaling and lowers maintenance costs resulting in low operating costs. Water produced is high quality, containing less than 4 ppm of total dissolved solids, compared to other desalination technologies that contain 200 to 500 ppm of total dissolved solids. 

Industrial applications well suited for an evaporator include but are not limited to:
  • Boiler makeup water
  • High purity water for chemical processes
  • Bottled drinking water production
  • Cooling tower water
Maxim Watermakers also offers liquid waste concentrators. These units are built to meet the unique specifications of your project. The treatment method selected will be determined based on water chemistry, treatment volumes, and final use of the cleaned water.
Maxim will work with you to:
  • Identify your waste water management objectives
  • Identify usable waste heat sources and how to recover the waste heat
  • Evaluate the feed water available
  • Determine the clean water waste water treatment volumes required
  • Determine the end use of the recycled water
  • Construct a system that fits the requirements identified above

Maxim's technologies consist of chemical pretreatment, various forms of filtration, Reverse Osmosis, Distillation (heat recovery flash or mechanical vapor compression).

Liquid waste concentrators are ideal for:
  • Reclamation of oilfield waters
    • Mobile equipment capable of migrating with fracing operations
    • Fixed applications that can be located centrally to well sites creating produced water
    • Minimizes transportation and disposal costs
    • Lowers environmental risks of operators
    • Creates high quality clean water to be used in fracing and other drilling operations
  • Reduction of waste streams from chemical processes
  • Reduction of waste streams from manufacturing processes
The Tennessee Valley Infrastructure Group, the Marmara Power Plant in Turkey, and ITT in Antartica are just a few of the industrial clients served by Maxim Watermakers.



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