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Maxim Watermakers - Explore the World of Desalination Technology -

Maxim's legacy has been and will continue to be the development of desalination technologies that meet the needs of the industry. Maxim is a leader in heat recovery evaporators and reverse osmosis watermakers.

Advantages of Heat Recovery Evaporators -

Thermal desalination boils down to economics....and the environment. Maxim's heat recovery evaporators are energy efficient, highly reliable and offer a clear green advantage.

HJ Series -

Enhance fuel efficiency and reduce fuel consumption using a system that is easy to install, simple to use, and offers low maintenance costs over the life of the unit.  There are five standard models that make up the HJ Series.

TCF Series -

Five standard models make up the TCF Series, offering clients a "green" technology for water desalination equipment. 

Maxim Watermakers Customer List - These are just a few of the clients we have had the privledge of serving.



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